A Magical Trip


How long have you been thinking about making a dream trip with the kids like going on Safari?

Since you saw Memories of Africa? Since you thought and fly like this over the Serengeti? But with the boys … it’s scary. It is safe? Going to Tanzania with children, will it be dangerous? Will the children hold on in the car without getting bored while we see the animals?

All these doubts are most reasonable

But from the REI team they assure us that you have nothing to fear. You have the support of an agency with professionals that will make your trip more comfortable and simple, their experience supports them.

You have the answer. It can. It is safe.

And for your children an experience they will never forget. It will be one of your most wonderful memories not only because of the amount of animals that you can see, and see very closely in your habitat, almost touch. Also for its smells, its people and its sunrises and sunsets that will make you fall in love forever.

It is a trip without a doubt MAGIC.

Spend nine exciting days exploring the vibrant culture of Tanzania and captivating wildlife reserves.

Tanzania is considered the best African country to enjoy a safari with the smallest of the house. Do not forget that it is a tourist destination prepared to receive thousands of visitors. A way to live the wild side without risks.


The Crater of Gonongoro

Tanzania is the land of safari par excellence.

Thousands of animals flow through the vast stretches of savanna. Giraffes gallop between the baby elephants that still cling to their mothers and the lions move gracefully towards their prey.

The whole scene blends perfectly in a multi-tone sky, where the sun floods the earth with light that gives life.

This trip gives the whole family the opportunity to experience the thrill of the safari in its most classic sense.

Keep the cameras ready

During a visit to the Serengeti National Park, one of the largest and last remaining wildlife sanctuaries in the world.

Lion resting in the Serengeti

Serengeti from the air

This safari combines fun activities with visits to the main wildlife parks in Tanzania: the Lake Manyara, the Ngorongoro Crater and the Serengeti. Visit a traditional Masai village and walk with warriors to the top of the Rift Valley Escarpment.

The Rift Valley

Cycling through farmland and playing with local children in an orphanage in the highlands is an experience like no other.

With comfortable accommodation for children and not so children on the road

The whole family can enjoy a safari dream come true.

Enjoy family accommodation and the authentic nature of Tanzania. In this way you will enjoy the authentic life in Tanzania but adapted to the comforts of our lifestyle.

What is the recommended age to start in the world of safaris?

The advice is that the minimum should be around five years. Younger children tend to get very distracted and also won’t remember much about the trip.

And to enjoy all this in an exceptional way is this REI Package, so that you only worry about enjoying this magical and wonderful adventure with your children.

Children receive a REI day package: children traveling on these family adventures receive a REI day package for their adventure!

Children from 8 to 17 years old will receive the REI Flash 18 package (while supplies last, colors may vary).

Are you really not traveling with children under 18?

Check out this classic Tanzania Safari trip and if you want ask for a private departure from this itinerary.

 If we review the highlights of the trip, you will see how everything has been thought of.

  • Wildlife safari in the ecosystems of Ngorongoro, Serengeti and Lake Manyara.
  • Walk with the Masai through the mountains of the Rift Valley and experience the village life.
  • Cycle through the countryside and look for monkeys on a forest canopy walkway.
  • Support a local home for children and connect through play and art. So your children interact with children from cultures very different from yours and discover their smiles and the foundation of their happiness.


Wild life.









Local artcraft.





Children Playing

At the Village.

Health care is not a problem

Since hospitals are quite accessible in case you need to go to one if an emergency occurs. With children it is better to be prepared for any eventuality!

We advise you to take with you the music,

games or favorite movies of children traveling, as they will have a great time on each trip on the way to the next adventure. Don’t leave your device’s chargers or batteries at home!

On the other hand, we must not lose sight of the fact that the rhythm of children is different from that of adults. Ok, it seems they never get tired but that is not true. Their sleeping hours must be included in the safari planning. If the kids are tired, nobody can have fun watching the animals or the environment!

Activities to do to fully enjoy the trip,

 A trip that is qualified as relaxed but full of emotions and experiences.

Activities include hiking (up to 3 hours) and cycling (up to 2 hours) on roads and flat unpaved roads.

The safaris are not physically demanding, but they are found in remote places on uneven terrain.

What's included?

    • Accommodation in hostels and safari camps in family-style tents on days 3 to 8, adapted to the comforts of our life;
    • Internal airfare between the Serengeti and Arusha; All park fees and VAT. Meals as indicated in the daily itinerary.
    • Special activities listed in the itinerary.
    • Bilingual guide services.
    • Private safari vehicles with guaranteed window seat.
    • Transfer to the airport on day 1 and day 9.
    • Enrollment in Flying Doctors.

What to know about the Climate and the equipment to carry?

The weather will generally be mild during day 70–80 ° F, and cool at night 50–60 ° F. Rain is possible at any time, but is unlikely from July to October, during the dry season.

Departures from December to February can expect daytime temperatures to be approximately 10 degrees higher on average.

The Ngorongoro crater is over 7,500 feet high, so expect cool mornings and afternoons regardless of the season.

No worries. The guides will always be by your side and will advise you on everything you need. Recommendations will be given as the list of equipment to carry.

The most important thing to stay comfortable during an active trip is the planning of what you need to carry for maximum comfort with a minimum weight; Versatile layers that mix and match are needed to create the right amount of insulation, ventilation and weather protection.

The list of equipment they have created to help choose the equipment for the trip will be given. Try to bring only what is necessary, as this will help you and the field staff.

It is very normal to leave all preparations for the last minute,

 But it is not a good idea: many vaccines do not take effect until two weeks after administration, so you will have to go to the doctor between four and eight weeks before traveling. It is advisable to ask the doctor for an International Certificate of Vaccination (yellow card), which includes vaccines administered to the traveler. It is mandatory to take it to African countries that require to enter vaccination tests against yellow fever, such as Kenya and its neighbors, but it is a good idea to always do so. But for all these details and others they will inform you in detail once you have purchased the trip.


and you will see how this dream can come true for you and your children, a dream you will never forget.



Rama M.

A success of REI.

Rama has been leading since 2006 and is a certified first aid coach. He is a polyglot with talent for music and aptitude for technology. He also has a sixth sense to detect wildlife and loves to talk about the finer points of animal behavior and ecology.







5 stars. Paul Lanyi • 5 months ago

So wonderful. The guides made this trip so special!

I went with REI in 2001 to climb Kilimanjaro and the safari. It was an extraordinary experience. I loved it every second. REI did an excellent job.

 10 years ago myself and our family decided to go on safari. This particular trip was built around children and adults that could accompany :). Everything about the trip was perfect. – Previous planning could not have been clearer.

Emily in particular answered the 227 questions we had. Thanks Emily. The hotel, cabins and camps were fantastic. Everyone’s staff was wonderful and very interesting and helpful. Our guides Aggrey and Godlisten were excellent. Fantastic people that you would love to date at any time. Super well informed. Always ready to help. And (like the parents themselves) super with children: we saw all the animals we could have expected. Both guides tried to help us see them all and understand how they fit into the ecosystem: the Land Cruisers were quite comfortable and having power / USB in them helped us stay charged every day. The food in most of the accommodations was good. It is not haute cuisine but abundant and delicious. – Do not expect to find solid WiFi anywhere on this trip. It is not a REI problem, it is a function of where we were. Should you take your child to 9/9/10/11 years? 100% yes. REI delivered a fantastic holiday at an excellent value with excellent guides.

Past history with REI Adventures.

What would be your advice for potential travelers?

Do not hesitate to go. Carr y onhigh power binoculars. I just took my iPhone. I recommend one in your group to take a long and adequate camera.

What was the highlight of your trip?

They were two. 1) Lions walking in our vehicle. 2) Bucket shower at the Serengeti after a long day in the car.

✔ Yes, I recommend this trip.




By Joaquin Muniz

December 2019