Iceland Winter Women’s Adventure


Who said you can’t live adventures in winter?

Where do you want to go? Do you want to make your dream vacation come true?

That is winter? That are you alone? That you are a woman?

To all these questions, that no problems, we answer with

this Exciting Winter Trip Proposal.

Winter is a perfect time to discover the land of fire and ice.

Spend 7 days walking with snow rackets through Iceland’s stunning winter landscape of rugged coastline, snow-covered lava fields and blue glass glaciers.

This spectacular North Atlantic island is surrounded by cliffs and volcanoes.

Frost with glaciers and heated by geothermal pools. From Reykjavik, an exploration of the impressive Icelandic countryside begins, you walk along the spectacular coastline, snowshoeing through volcanic terrain and climb in the middle of cracks-filled glaciers.

But don’t be afraid. It is not necessary to have an impressive physical form. This trip has a moderate rating.

Jökulsárlón Glacier

One of the favorite places of travelers going to Iceland is the Jökulsárlón glacier lagoon, full of ice tops and icebergs separated from one of the tongues ​​of the great Vatnajökull. It is probably the most photographed corner of the country. It is highly recommended to spend a night in the area (no more than half an hour or three quarters) and to see it both in the morning and in the afternoon, when there are wonderful sunsets that color even more if they fit the area. Even on this second turn it is easier to see wild seals poking their heads.

Jökulsárlón Lagoon

A few kilometers from the Jökulsárlón lagoon (in the direction of Vík) there is another glacial lagoon called Fjallsárlón, where 1% of tourists go and that allows us to enjoy another ice paradise alone. Of course, it is smaller than the first, but it is more protected and the glacier is closer. With luck we can see a good block of ice fall, since the wall of the glacier is very visible. It is an absolutely lovely place.

Iceland is the country of waterfalls. (Dettifoss)

And they are so beautiful that the challenge is choosing which one to visit. Among the waterfalls that we should see yes or yes on our trip to Iceland, we must include the following names: Gullfoss (in the golden circle), Skógafoss, Svartifoss (with basalt columns), Seljalandsfoss (can pass behind), Godafoss (the Waterfall of God) and Dettifoss (these last two in northern Iceland).

Boreal Auroras in Iceland

The northern lights are solar storms and particles that can be seen in the skies closest to the poles (either the Arctic or the Antarctic, where the southern lights are seen).

It does not depend on whether it is cold or hot. To have the possibility of seeing the northern lights, three factors are the most importants:

    • Let there be a solar storm (for that the auroras forecast websites are good)
    • Let it be night. There may also be them by day, but we simply do not see them because there is light.
    • May the sky be clear. If there are clouds, they have no capacity to cross them.

But also:

    • Being in a clear area without light pollution.
    • Train our sight to see in the dark.
    • Be very patient as the show suddenly arises. Or they simply do not arise and we remain with the desire. Nature is capricious and we cannot control it and that is part of the adventure.

The best times to observe the northern lights in Iceland are between November and April, although the ideal is in the months of December, January, February and part of March. And in April, things get complicated and in May there are almost no hours of total darkness.

Icelanders are very hospitable to foreigners visiting their country.

They offer their help when we find ourselves in trouble unselfishly whenever we may need something.

Icelandic soups are blunt and can give us energy (and heat) at lunch. By the way, be sure to try their typical dishes; they are very special.

If there is something that can be an annoyance in Iceland

It is not the cold but the wind. We can have temperatures of 0º as in any European winter but the thermal sensation is -15º. Icelandic temperatures are not as extreme as we can imagine, even in winter, but it is the wind that deceives us.

In Iceland, the weather is changing and we can spend a sunny day and a snowfall of the championship during the night. There is an Icelandic saying that “if we don’t like time, let’s wait five minutes.”

The Icelandic meteorology service (en.veduris) reports the weather forecasts with great precision.


    • A good coat with us, whatever the time of the year.
    • Do not forget a jacket (as useful as the coat),
    • A fleece,
    • A good cap to cover the head,
    • A balaclava or a scarf for the neck (although in pure winter the balaclava),
    • Gloves and thick socks.
    • Avoid cotton.

The trick in Iceland is that of the layers. As the temperature can vary, we start in the morning like an onion and take off our clothes as it gets hotter and vice versa.

Sunglasses are very necessary, whether it’s sunny or not. In a snowy territory it is easy to dazzle.

Footwear has to be impermeable to water or snow (Gore-Tex) and, if possible, with a good sole for when we go hiking. To walk through the snow,  better boots. Just in case, it doesn’t hurt to use two sets (boots and trekking shoes, for example). In the case of trekking through the glacier, crampons will be needed, but not to worry, these will be provided by the companies with which we do the excursion (similar to the high boots if we are going to make snowmobiles)

As you can see

Neither the cold nor other circumstances are an impediment to make a trip full of adventure and discoveries through the icy Iceland and all thanks to the extensive experience in these trips through Rei where the care of detail is demonstrated. We recommend small groups for more personalized attention.

How many days do you need to travel to Iceland?

A million dollar question, how much time do we need to travel around the country? A minimum week and as we want to make more or less complex walks, three weeks are perfect.

We will have time to relax in the geothermal pools,

Including the Blue Lagoon, and throughout the trip we will connect with local artisan women and brewmasters. When the day turns to night, excursions begin to explore the dark skies in search of the multicolored waves of the northern lights. Each night is spent in the comfort of a cozy hotel, enjoying delicious meals and conversations with like-minded women.

The dynamics of women’s travel are incredible: There is always a large group of encouraging and positive women!


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Hotels or guesthouses, 6 nights.

Single Accommodations.

There is no single supplement fee for those willing to share accommodations with a same-gender roommate. If you are willing to share but we are unable to pair you with a same-gender roommate, you will not be charged the single supplement fee.

If you do not wish to share and request single accommodations, you will be required to pay the single supplement fee. Please be advised that there are a limited number of single accommodations available.

This is your trip; it is waiting for you.

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If what you want is a private trip.

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I was part of the first group going on this trip with REI, and you could instantly tell they put a lot of thought and planning into the trip. Overall a fantastic time! Don’t think, just go for it! Robbie, Colombia Ander 35 trip.

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By Joaquin Muniz

January, 2020